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Information Related to Customization


(We only communicate using email message or through whatsapp, since the customer receive an email linked to their sprinklecart account every time we send a message is easier for us to keep track of all the conversations about the order and is the WAY OF COMMUNICATION WE WILL USE).

*******Important note: Read size chart and store policy before ordering, all measurements are approximate and may vary up to 1 1/2 inches ( one and a half) take all of this in consideration before making a purchase, since all sales are final.*****************

1. PERSONALIZED ITEMS are not only about putting a name on the shirt or changing an element on the design, it is also about “what image you want on the kind of shirt that you want, the color and the size you want”, so personalized items in general, including shirts are NON-EXCHANGEABLE AND NON-REFUNDABLE,
We know that sometimes it can be a little hard to buy clothes online, THAT IS WHY WE DO OUR BEST TO PUT ALL THE NECESSARY INFORMATION ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS SO THE CUSTOMER CAN DECIDE WHAT KIND OF SHIRT TO GET, please understand that we are not Walmart or target, every time you place an order there is a whole process for us to get your shirts ready and shipped

2. SHIRTS WITH NAME AND AGE ON IT: In all of our listings we ask the customer to please read all the information before placing an order for so many reasons and one of them is that we need the name and age for the birthday boy or girl depending on the listing, so in the case that no information is left on notes to seller at check out we will send out a generic birthday boy or girl and that is NON refundable OR exchangeable, we will however try MESSAGE you asking for the info, but understand that we get TONS AND I MEAN TONS OF MESSAGES a day as well as ORDERS, so we can not have an order just sitting there for days and days just waiting on the customer to answer and then expecting for us to send it let’s say……TOMORROW!!!??

3. THE SIZE CHART is in every listing for you to see and understand what you are purchasing as well as a note encouraging all of the customers to read all the information before placing an order, we do not exchange or do returns if the size is too small or too big, please understand personalization described above.
If we made a spelling mistake we will send you a new shirt or issue a refund.

4. SHIPPING ADDRESS: If you need to change your shipping address send us a message and we will update from here if the package not left our facility.

5. Unfortunately if the buyer made a SIZE MISTAKE OR SPELLING mistake, meaning, if you purchased a shirt size Small but you meant an X-Small and/or you wanted the name to be ALEXA, but you wrongly typed ALEX we are not able to send you a FREE SHIRT.
If you want a new shirt or what ever the item is with the right name and/or size, you will need to purchase a new one.

6. If a misunderstanding has occurred between seller and buyer we will try to fix the issue, this doesn’t mean we are going to send you a free shirt.

7. IF YOU ITEM HAS BEEN DELIVERED BUT YOU THINK YOU NEVER RECEIVED IT please contact your local post office, it is out of our hands to fix this issue, understand that once your package have been accepted by the post office we are no longer responsible for what happens afterwards.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter!!

Please send us a message if you have concerns about anything!